Saturday, April 30, 2005


i love the word "linens". when i hear it, in my mind i smell fresh dryer sheets, think soft and warm, imagine waking up on a lazy morning with nowhere to hurry.

that word makes me feel at home.

i am not partial to any of them. there is something classy about crisp white linens, satin sheets are chic, and there is something very warm about comfy flannel sheets. just as exciting as it is for sports fans to watch a football game, it is for me to walk around a linens store. i never have anough money to buy what i want, which is probably a good thing, but just looking and getting ideas of what's out there is usually good enough.

when i was in riga last time, my dad and i went to a VERY expensive store with everything for house. think "expensive" - now triple that. yes, that's exactly what that was like. they had a linens department. not the frily, curly, cheap looking stuff, but truly unseen, unusual, one-of-a-kind things - european style. of course i couldn't buy anything, but i could close my eyes and let my hand run over the smooth sheets. the colors and the patterns were truly amazing. not because they were so expensive, but because they were unusual.

i think matouk has something of the kind. now close your eyes and imagine the fresh smelling dryer sheets...

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