Thursday, April 14, 2005

the national self appreciation day

today i am fantastic!
i feel great,
i look great,
i am great.
today the world looks at me and thinks "wow, i am blessed to have her". today i look in the mirror and think to myself "not bad for almost a 27 year old". today, the pink glittery lip shine looks better and the skin tone glows. today it doesn't matter how big the butt is and how much the boobs have sagged this year. today i stopped thinking "i will never measure up to this or that standard" or "i will never get there". today, i am happy where/who i am. today i appreciate all the good and beautiful about myself instead of making apologies for the imperfections. today i am thankful for who god has made me. because i was born for a reason, this was not an accident - no matter what my parents say. today i celebrate that i can smell a salty ocean, sweet summer flower, that i can close my eyes and feel sun, that i can hear a bee buzzing and music playing, i celebrate that i can see colors, that i can create. today i celebrate everything that god has created for my enjoyment. not because i deserve it, not because i am an exception but simply because he loves me.

I have carried you since you were born;
I have taken care of you from your birth.
Even when you are old, I will be the same.
Even when your hair has turned gray, I will take care of you.
I made you and will take care of you.
Isaiah 46:3-4

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Lindsey J said...

You got this 100% right! What a positive outlook :)