Friday, April 08, 2005

new mexico of those days where a shot of hapiness would do me a ton of good. the "happy" hormone levels have dropped and the "worry-about-nothing-in-particular-but-still-worry" hormone has set in. actually, it's more like the "i-need-a-good-crying-movie" hormone that has taken over, in other words - pms.


it's silly, especially since i just got back from Albuquerque (I even learned to spell it correctly while there) and had a fantastic, relaxing, trip. the city is absolutely beautiful with its southwestern style of architecture, warm, sunny afternoons, fabulous mexican food, and colors.

colors colors colors everywhere. bright, beautiful colors. colors that make you want to smile, jump up and down, drink lots of margaritas, smile some more, talk to stargers and wish them a happy day, walk around endless hours and try to capture all the little secret details of the old town, spend an afternoon in the bead shop.

and apparently spend all your reserves of happiness there. because i am left with none.


Anonymous said...

Like the photo, I am green...that is with envy. I WISH I COULD HAVE GONE WITH YOU! I love this photo. :) good job.

kontrabanda said...

if i could figure out this stuid ass code shit, there'd be a ton more beautiful pictures.