Saturday, October 15, 2005

14 days

My friend once said that it's not about how crazy/needy/nutty/insane/annoying... you are, it's about finding the person who will be able to handle you and enjoy you.

Well, it's easy to enjoy each other when we see each other once every couple of months. In a week I will get to let him enjoy all my crazy/needy/nutty/insane/annoying self for 14 days. Lucky guy!!!!

and no, this is not what i am dedicating a whole new website to! :) it's still coming, we are working on it. keep checking back


Someone there said...

You are good!

kontrabanda said...

DUH! of course i am good - the question is -- what am i good in?!

and who are you, mystery (wo)man?

Andy said...

Crazy random people!

Is this that British guy still? Are you coming here, or is going to you? I'm excited for you either way!

kontrabanda said...

he's coming here. and yes, it's still him :)

svanvuur said...

you to are so pretty together :)
PS -- like the new look