Friday, October 14, 2005

new developments

the other day i met with my friends who just had a baby. while talking to the new dad, i asked him what were his feelings and emotions during the process. he said one thing that stuck in my mind "it's like you want to go out on the street and shout to everyone that a new baby has been born, they should print it in the newspapers how exciting it is! but you realize that it means so much only to you and those around you"

i am not pregnant but might as well be because that is exactly how i feel. this feeling is more then that when people fall in love and walk 5 feet above the ground, it is more then a discovery, it is more then a conviction. this has been on my mind for the last exactly 4 days and in my heart for at least 8 years -- i have never in my life been more convinced of something. when i tell people and they nod their heads and say "oh cool" i want to shake them up and say "don't you realize how huge this is??!!" and then i realize that it's me who is so passionate about it. that's ok because this passion will be my drive to reach it.

this post is a tease because i am going to devote a whole new blog to this event. so keep checking back -- it is on the way!

my adventure has arrived!!!

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