Tuesday, December 06, 2005

-20 C

i've learned the approximate lenght of a mile, and forgotten how long a kilometer is but when it comes to conversions of fahrenheit to celsius, i never really know how hot or cold it is. i just know that at 36 it freezes, which is 0 C.

i know that -30 is some ungodly temperature, at which the world pretty much stops until things warm up a little. even though -20 isn't quite -30, as far as i am concerned, it might as well be because the buggers freeze inside nose while sprinting from car to work.

but i don't mind this coldness. it went from really nice and warm to super cold and crisp, in a matter of a few weekends. none of that wet, gray crap that makes you depressed. it is cold but it is crisp, it is clear, it is refreshing, it is brisk, it is clean. it really is beautiful.

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Andy said...

Oh, metric. It's always so confusing! I remember someone asking me how cold it gets where I live in America and me learning that Celcius and Fahrenheit meet at -40. Brrrr.

The Dog Lady said...

um...one more little point...it freezes at 32, not 36 :-) either one is too cold for me!