Friday, March 03, 2006

my own identity

i am, or at this point maybe i should say, was, designing my own invites. they will be totally non-traditional and really, not invites at all but that's ok -- nothing is really traditional about us anyways.

the only problem is that i am incapable of doing this. i designed IT and it looks like crap. even rochelle, who is the eternal cheerleader of even the crappiest of things i've designed, wasn't all that impressed. and i have been digging through the internet to try to get ideas of what style to do this in and i can't. seriously, i can't. i don't know what my "style" is, i don't know how to do this.

if anyone asks me to do something for them, i can do it because i get a feel for their style, who they are and what they will like. i think that is my strongest attribute as a creative person -- i read people well and after talking to them i can figure out what they will like. but i don't know how to do it for myslef. i don't know what my design style is, and i don't know how to do this.

the one thing i've realized though is that i LOVE creativity and i miss creating. i will get back into it, i will create and i will find what i am looking for in my invites.


karen said...

I found that I had more than one style, and I could afford none of them! You'll find it. It just takes a little experimentation. Sometimes just thinking about the two of you will spark something.

Sundries Sublime said...

I will attest that she is AWESOME at knowing what other people's styles are and creating something for them. She created an INCREDIBLE logo for me!!! I didn't even really know what I wanted. I just sent her really long emails kinda explaining what I wanted and didn't want and how I would use it, etc. She came up with a few different designs, all great and one that is the best thing I've ever seen!!! I am SOOOO happy with it!!! I couldn't have asked for something better!!! If you need any design work done - HIRE KONTRABANDA TODAY!!!!! :)

kontrabanda said...

I think that "finding your style" is one of the biggest and most important things as an artist, it doesn't even matter what kind of artist :)

When you think about it, in the past, the people who started new "styles" impacted the art world in some grand ways --

And my dear Sundries Sublime -- you are awesome!!! And I have it on my to do list to go back and redo your logo in Illustrator so you can make it as big or as little as you need :)