Wednesday, April 19, 2006


There are times when you travel and come back and feel refreshed because you’ve been to a new place and experienced things that make you feel like you’ve been filled with fuel that will carry you through the next time you travel.

Today is not one of those times. Today the last place I want to be is my office, doing anything constructive. The thought of more meetings makes me want to cry for my mommie. Today I don’t want to be in Vermillion, I certainly don’t want the rainy cold outside. I don’t want the mundane, I don’t want coffee made in my office, I don’t want the same thing one more day.

Today I miss being in a city. I miss tons of different people, I miss cars honking, I miss children begging their moms and dads to buy something really unhealthy but totally yummy from the street vendor, pigeons pooping in places they really should not be pooping, I miss busyness, strangers, big buildings. I want the lamp posts that look like sculptures instead of hand-made signs for a cheap eatery. I want streets with big buildings that each look like an architectural masterpiece. Today I cannot understand how anyone not want to live in a city. Today it absolutely baffles me that I have lived here for as long as I have. Today is the reason why I take two million pictures on trips – so on days like today I can look back at them and for a second, pretend that I am still there.

Maybe, I just really miss holding Neil’s hand.


rochelle said...

i think it's both, but i think it's mostly missing Neil... because if Neil was here you wouldn't long for the city near as much... but if you were in the city i definitely think you would long for Neil as much, or more...

melissa said...

i with rochelle on this one. when do you get to see neil next?