Saturday, May 13, 2006

artists. not that it's anything new. or anything.

my whole life i've lived among artists. not the ones who are smoking weed and living in their own little world but the kind who live normal lives but thrive on creating. there are a few common non traditional characteristics, without which, i don't think you are a true artist. there are some cliche charecteristics, like always being late, or drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, being an owl.. you know - that kind of stuff.

but i think that on the checklist, the first thing that you need to check if you think someone is a real one is - chaos. no artist i know is an organized person. if you are and consider yourself an artist - i don't know about you. let's look at our house. even though we don't call ourselves that, there are definetely two artists living together. phrases like "where are my keys" and "why has the housekeeper not cleaned my room" are heard on weekly bases. except for moments of deep inspiration, any time you walk in my room, you will know that the closet has puked. but it's ok. makes me appreciate when i can actually walk through it. and if i can see the carpet, i usually make it a special day and make sure rochelle comes inside, so she can see what it looks like too.

artists drive very messy cars. non artists drive very messy cars sometimes too but for the sake of the argument, we'll just say that artists drive messy cars. ask weed - one of the best photographers i know, who will be taking my wedding pictures. weed will tell you about having everything you need, from underwear to furniture being transported in a little green neon. well, ok, maybe not underwear but socks for sure.

desks. it's a nightmare. i seriously envy people who can keep their desks clean at work. i would be fired like that if i was judged by the organization of my desk. well, i'd be fired for other things too - like blogging at work.

purses. i don't even bother with a purse anymore. i have a couple but none of them really can hold the wallet i carry, which is like...purse size. but back in the day there would be everything from phone numbers to melted lipsticks to .. nail clippers to, oh i don't know, on occasion there might be an undergarment somewhere. don't ask, i don't even know.

with all that, i have to say that i am very happy with my mess. i love my mess. it feels lived in and friendly, instead of sterile and stiff. and the car keys in the end will be found one way or the other. and if all else fails, that's why they give you that number - so you can order a new pair.

but i would still love a housekeeper.


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Anonymous said...

Well, m'dear...I am one of those people you don't know about. Of course, perhaps by "artist" you meant "visual artist" rather than writers and musicians? But I definitely cannot work or live in a mess. Not at all.


rochelle said...

i definitely think it's gotta be 'visual artist' category. ironically melissa and i were talking about this before the post was written - due to the fact that she was riding in my not-quite-as-messy-as-usual car and she said it was a trait of 'photographers'.

I know musicians, and other writers i think..., that also are not mess-people.

Andy said...

Um, seriously this post made me laugh out loud. The way you write is so conversational, though I don't know what you sound like I can see you talking to a group like you're telling a story. I liked it!