Tuesday, May 09, 2006

hey guess what?!

since I got picasa, which is seriously, like, THAT good! i have been gloating in lazyness. because people love to look at pictures and who will read long blah blahs when you can look at colorful pictures?! and all i need to do to post a picture is press a button and put in my password. be-au-ti-ful!

and by the way, i have no clue what the word "gloating" means, but it sounds approprite to use in that sentence.

anyway. so the wedding colors are turqouise. and i bought old pearl necklases from some lady for 50 cents. and i had ribbons sitting around. and this, along with a few more, are the results.

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Felicia said...

be-au-ti-ful! now the question is: who gets to wear those? should I not worry about a necklace!? good job, beautiful bride-to-be!

Sundries Sublime said...

AMAZING!!!! (I wont post it 3 times though!!! :-))

Andy said...

"Gloating" is like bragging... but in this case you could gloat, not in laziness, but in your beautiful pictures!