Thursday, June 15, 2006

If you don't gag from all the wedding talk lately

I can only imagine how quickly the wedding talk gets if you are not planning a wedding. But if you are one of those people, who have been thinking and planning since you were 5, this post is for you. Here are some things that & ideas I've been working on for our Caribbean elopment.

This beautiful bride got married this past weekend - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! And by some awesome coincidence, her tables were decorated with pretty little starfishies and sand dollars. This little bride-to-be was a quick thinker and asked what they are doing with the table decorations and brought me all these pretty little sea shells. Needless to say that I about peed in my pants from happiness!!!

So the wheels have been turning. Here are some of the pictures from the ideas I've gotten. First is the bouquet that Rochelle and Felicia will carry. After that are the little sand dollars that will be decorating the isle chairs. Adding the color will make things a little brighter, they look so elegant! Below that are our wedding bands. I LOVE mine. It's what we wear in Latvia, actually, we don't even have engagement rings, just a plain band like that. It will go under my little pretty engagement ring. Underneath are the sand dollars that will be put on top of the isle decorations. And on the bottom are all the little star fishies and sand dollars that I am in love with. They are so pretty! Thank you so much for them!!!

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karen said...

I'm glad you can put the stars and sanddollars to use. They can be like the good luck wedding items! All of your ideas are really beautiful!