Thursday, August 31, 2006

as much as i love practical gifts, the things you can buy in a store and wrap up never carry the same value as gifts that have been thought about and put together with a personal touch. i always get really excited about those kinds of gifts. but don't get me wrong -- i still love ALL gifts :)

a long time ago, when i was feeling really sad and lost because a young man had broken my heart, a sweet friend of mine , a very talanted artist, made me a pendant. at the time she asked me what i would like her to engrave on the other side of it. because of the circumstances and because i had wanted so badly to be with someone who will really love me and because i was trusting that God will bring that person in the right time, but having no clue if it would be 5 years or 5 days from then, i asked her to engrave the word "trust" on the back of it. every time i wear that pendant, i am reminded that there was a time in my life when i was so desperately waiting for that man.

just a few days ago, i got another little package in the mail. it was a gift from her. this time it was a beautiful pendant that had on the back of it engraved "i found the one my soul loves...neil xoxox agnese".

in a big way, these two beautiful pieces of art have summarized my dating life. in 24 days i will become a mrs. i have met a man that i could not have dreamed about. i feel like the luckiest girl in the world and in the end, when it is all said and done, i have only one thing to say - i am so glad that i didn't end up with any of the men i dated in the past. because of that trust, i have found a perfect person. he has one wing and i have the other. together we will fly.


Felicia said...

I wonder if your friend accepts orders, I would like to order one for myself. My search is over as well... "I have found the one my soul loves...Michael XOXO Felicia"

Sundries Sublime said...

Awww... my sweet friend! You are too kind! I love you tons!! And am sooo happy you have found the one your soul loves!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Felicia!! You are sooo sweet! Of course I would love to make one for you, if you are really interested. I am going to order symbol stamps (hearts, cross, flowers, etc.) but they are on back order, don't know how long it might take to get them. So, instead of the xoxo I could do a heart, or do a different saying or something else...