Tuesday, October 31, 2006

london quirks

every renter in london has to pay a 'council bill'. this far no one i have asked about this knows what exactly this fee is for. the closest i've gotten to is 'you're paying for the nice neighbourhood and good schools and police service and such'.

anyway, because the congestion here is so high, people have to pay this. just as an example, we live in a nice area but half hour from the center of london, we will be paying about £80 a month.

anyway, there is an uproar about this because they are rasing the tax and of course - who likes to pay more money. duh!

in a free paper (london lite) that you can pick up to read in the tube, there were some pointers on how to figure out if you live in a 'nice area'. there were the usual 'number of schools in the area' and 'crime rate' and 'how clean the streets are' but whatever - those are boring. my favorite ones were:

- which sports are watched
-how many vegeterians live nearby
-how many people wear contact lenses
-whether credit card bills are paid in full
-what ailments people suffer from

and by far my favorite:

-if people are considering buying a sofa

if i were from the midwest and loved my meat, i would take an offense to the second one down.

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