Thursday, November 23, 2006

every new home has its own sounds. they are fine when someone else is there but as soon as i am alone, i hear every crack and crickle. of course that the things that run through my mind are
a. someone is trying to break in. first thought - yeah. right this is a safe city! (by the way, our mail is delivered throught the door with that metal thingie where they slide the mail in. it DOES sound like someone wants to break in)
b. what is clicking? first thought - it's the thermostat. what if it blows up? no, i bet it's the boiler. it will blow up. what was it that the landlords said about the pressure dropping?? i bet it has dropped and it's on the way to blow up.
c. what is that loud clunking? first thought - there are bodybuilders from the "world's strongest man" living upstairs. it sounds like they are practicing lifting the huge stones but keep dropping them.

while you people will be stuffing turkey in your bellies, i am making my first crockpot dinner. if you ask me, it is not heating up properly and with this speed we'll have dinner ready by tomorrow night. but at least it's not clicking or clunking. yet. hopefully it won't burn the house down while i go pick my friend up at the airport.

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