Thursday, November 16, 2006

i watched 'breaking and entering' tonight. done by the same director who made 'cold mountain' and 'the english patient'. even though a completely different story, it had a similar feel to those two movies.

it made me think of love and of guarding love. of course love is a lot of things -it's the forgiveness and the sacrifice and all that. but this made me think of how real love never forgets why the other person is so important to you. even when they are not acting in a way that makes you want to love them, you never let yourself forget it. it is almost like keeping a shield of protection around the love, from the inside and the outside.

from my own marriage, i have noticed how easy it is to forget how good he is as soon as he does something i don't like. even when he's done something grand, just hours before. so sometimes i force myself to think of all the good he is - the positive in him. and it makes me feel the love again. and sometimes deeper.

we all are so driven by the emotion that it is scary.

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