Wednesday, November 29, 2006

if it has the words "easy" and "meat" in it

i tell you what, people. you get married and all of a sudden you have to cook. i've survived on tuna in cans and spinach and gourmet bake-from-a-box, on special occasions, for the last 10 years but now i have this new "hobby".

i visit the grocery store about 5 times a week because i am always out of something. and when i go to get the "staples" there are all these sales on all these goodies that there is never enough space to get everything home. yeah, try to carry 5 full plastic bags of food home. aha, i thought so.

but don't be smirking there, i did the crockpot dinner and it was good if you discount the meat that needed knife to be hammered in to cut it but i blame it on a bad chunk of meat. and i did mashed potatoes and fish WITH GRAVY!!!! and it was made from a scratch - i added the milk and hot water and that, my friend, counts for something!!!! and i did a pizza, which was seriosly good and who cares that the crust was already done! and today i have found a recipy with magic words that satisfy both me and my husband: easy meatballs in mushroom sauce. well, i might not have things like onions and cooking oats but who cares - they are not NECESSARY. are they?


Felicia said...

I agree with you, those ingredients are not necessary. My dear husband makes fun of me: there is hardly any recipie that I follow from the beginning to the end, I always think of adding or substituting something. It's kind of like adding my own touch... it's more fun cooking. And hey, if the meatballs with mushroom sauce end up being a mixture of unrecognizable ingredients, call it your 'mysterious dish':) Good luck! Let me know how it turns out, I might try the recipe myself. Also, I absolutely love this website where I can find tons of great recipes: Check it out! They have a special section just for you: quick and easy recipes!

The Dog Lady said...

Try this, Ags:

This has been a lifesaver -- pretty easy and DELICIOUS. Also is great as leftovers.