Monday, December 11, 2006

12 days of christmas

last christmas was one of the best christmas seasons i have ever had. this year it has snuck up on me and i've been way too busy to prepare myself for it.

for some reason, i am not a 'natural' when it comes to preparing home for christmas. i think i might have been inspired by my roommate, rochelle, to cook and decorate and get in the spirit. last christmas more than ever, i got into the gift buying for the kids and charities and church events, it got me excited to think that some little boy somewhere is getting an astronaut pen and a space mobile and other very exciting things that he'll be flying around his room.

also, for the first time, i had someone very very close to my heart to share christmas with. i still remember the christmas light glow in the tree and the hot mulled wine while we were cuddling and watching 'it's a wonderful life' on christmas eve.

this year, i have decorated the ledge with chrismasy stuff. my mom in law gave us the christmas calendars with chocolates but we have not gotten past december 1st yet. today, i pulled out the christmas cd and i might have to put a dent in our family budget by downloading some christmas songs on itunes. we have the first christmas card in the living room.

tomorrow my dad comes with his girlfriend and i want to get them in the spirit, so i might have to go and find some recipes for christmas goodies. rochelle and i cooked up a storm in the kitchen last year. the whole house was smelling sweet and we had caked sweet gooey frosting stuff on every counter in the kitchen. i think i might have to go to the shop today to make some goodies once again while christmas songs playing and cinnamon smelling in the mulled wine pot.

my christmas goody favorites:
puppy chow
rice crispy treats
christmas wreaths
taco seasoned chex mix
hot mulled wine (or just buy the seasonings and add them to the wine in the crock pot)

as you can see, my christmas goodies is stuff that you pretty much warm up and throw in the pot with some other stuff. but that's ok - better than nothing. share your favorites and traditions -- i would love to try new stuff :) :)


Anonymous said...

you gotta make my sugar cookies, christmas isn't christmas without them. And in the Pfeifer family, Christmas means gingersnaps. Oh, AND easy almond bark Pretzels.

Put those all together, with the hot cider, and THEN you have Christmas!

I'll email the recipes

Felicia said...

And to be a little bit nostalgic over the times we have all spend in the Jamaica island, I am going to try this recipe I found on line: Christmas in The Islands Bread ( "Satisfy your soul with pineapple, coconut, dried cherries, and a touch of rum, mon!"

Lindsey J said...

My family has different goodies every year--no real traditions. My parents love to experiment with recipes, so it's always a surprise. The best, however, were the cookie dough "truffles" that my dad has made a couple years (repeated at my request). mmmmmmmm

karen said...

it's funny the different traditions for food. for me, fudge is the christmas treat. that and these jelly cookies my mom makes. but we also did decorated cookies and almond bark and norweigan toffee and ... a ton of other things. my husband, who is actually norweigan, has to have lefse on thanksgiving and christmas.