Monday, December 18, 2006

my dad and his lady have left. after seeing them off, i wanted to cry. not because i miss them so much or because i won't see them or whatever else but partly because it blows my mind how much relationships can change in a relatively short time.

i used to hate my dad coming home from work when i was growing up, i used to hate the way he used to yell at me, and the way he would make comments about me not being good enough or other things that i would rather leave in the past. after their divorce, something in him changed. there have been so many times that he sits quiet and thoughful after i've made a joking comment about him in the past and says "i have done so many stupid things in my life. if i could start over, i would be a different man."

and he is. he is a dad now. i am 28 and i have a dad. it is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. i know how much he loves me and he is not afraid to show how proud he is of everythign i've done and i feel so loved by my dad.

for those who have had good relationships with dads it is probably foreign. but getting a dad in your mid twenties is something you know to appreciate. it's a gift.

so yes, we had an amazing time here, in london. in 4 days we saw more then some people in a week and today i slept until noon to catch up with all the sleep i missed. and it was worth every minute.

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