Thursday, December 21, 2006

usually i get my christmas shopping, cards and all other stuff done way before december. as some of you have received christmas cards from me like 2 months ago, those who haven't ... they are still in my purse.... and will reach you eventually...

this year with moving, visiting, traveling, the middleton bed and brekfast services and all other excitement i realized that this weekend is... christmas!!! i know that christmas is not about gifts but when you show up without gifts, even those who said they didn't need or want any are expecting some. so, today, i was a tank. pushing through crowds of people, thinking of creative things to give to parents-in-law and friends and when have i forgotten to get a little somethin' somethin' for myself?!

my footsies are falling off because i was a very stylish shopper in high heels but the job is almost done. a little fine tuning tomorrow and we are almost there.

other than that, i am making lasagna for dinner. i know that for most people it's an everyday occurance (cooking dinner). but mr. middleton has taken a wife who struggles in that department and even things like making a lasagna is considered a master-class, high-culinary, chef skill portrayal. wish me luck.

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