Monday, December 25, 2006

vmerry christmasy

i've started writing this post a couple of times now but then i close browser and go check out what other people have left on their spaces for holidays. and then i hear another great christmas song and i get that feeling and i want to come up with something very heartwarming and cheesy at the same time and tell everyone how much i love them once again.

i have news! no middleton additions yet, but my mom is engaged! so i will be a proud owner of two half sisters and a little half nephew! well, and of course - a stepfather.

we will be off to celebrate our family christmas with lynn and dave, neils mom and dad. i am VERY tempted to call a few of you and wish you a very early "merry christmas" but then i realize that a lot of people are visiting and there is nothing worse than to shoot out of your bed to try to find your cell phone blaring and waking everyone in the house. of course you can never find which pocket it is stuck and you start really disliking the psycho who is calling at 6 or 5 am, no matter how funny she or he might think it is. so, i will not do that.

other than that - i wish everyone that warm and fuzzy christmasy feeling that's in my tummy now. it is by far the best holiday ever and this is my first year spending it with my h u s b a n d!!!! he heheh


Sundries Sublime said...

You can call me!!! I have no visitors!!! ;-)

Felicia said...

I just had my second Christmas with my h u s b a n d and it's only getting better and better. Now get ready for the next party... Happy New Year Middletons!