Monday, December 04, 2006

while i should be packing a bag so i can leave on time to the airport, i am sitting and drinking my coffee and checking emails... just so i am not too relaxed and leave on time. because that would make life too boring. i really hope that my husband rubs off on me with his leave-way-more-than-necessary-abundantly early.

while my friend from latvia visited, we had some really good talks. she is a very smart girl, with so many degrees that with my education i have a trouble counting them. but that's not what this story is about. she said that one of the best books she's ever read is "what's so amazing about grace? by phillip yancey. who seriously is an awesome writer - not the cliche christian happy happy stuff. anyway, i went to my beloved amazon and got the book.

while reading it, i am realizing more and more that we, christians, forget often forget what we believe in. seriously. i won't generalize it so i don't offend someone, i am speaking about myself. it is so easy to follow some set of rules carved out by a church. when really, what christ was about was forgiveness and mercy. especially to those who deserved it least. i have to admit, that while meaning well, i fall into the same traps. about following rules and doing the "right" things and then feeling all good about myself. when i hear "prostitutes and drunks fled to him" it doesn't hit me, i just hear the words. i think they start to sound a little dull because it's been heard so many times. he had nothing to do protests against abortions, drinking rules, gay marriage laws, defending laws or even presidents who go to wars. all he had was interest in the individual, offering forgiveness and taking away the guilt that these people had carried for so long. that's why they wanted him.

while the bible is very clear about sin and guidelines that we, who follow christ have been given, while reading this book, i wonder where and when have we lost the essence of our faith? when did it become about republicans and one issue voters and more importantly - when did we become so freaking blind? i guess the most importnat thing about FOLLOWING christ is to do it for yourself, not take the cliff notes on christianity handed out by the church or the bible study. because a lot of truth with a little bit of diversion is not truth anymore.

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