Saturday, January 06, 2007


We are back from the land where men wear skirts and call 60% proof whisky the "water of life". On the way back, across from us on the train were sitting two Scottish women who kept drinking beer and all I could understand from their conversation in the 3 hours was &*&^ and *&**&% and more of &^%^%& - that, of course accelerated as the content in their cans of beer de-celerated. Well, that and their burping. But they were just sweethearts, they tried a conversation with me but I threw at Neil a few very "deer in the headlights looks" as I could not understand what exactly they were talking about. Something about going to York to visit their sister, there was also something about meetging the sister at a pub. They also had a big bouquet of flowers with them so I assumed it was a celebration but just in case it was a funeral, I kept my mouth shut before I wished them to have a good time.

Scots are awesome. Very rough around the edges but it's very obvious that they are warm people when you get to know them. By "rough around the edges" I mean things like a tough, what looked like a 9 year old boy, smoking cigarettes on the street. The language of course plays in that perception -- they really pronounce their "r's" and miss some syllables in the middle of the word. Some words are totally off - for the longest time I could not figure out why this guy was talking about "fainting" when actually he was saying "fighting" - Neil told me later.

But we really saw a LOT. The Whisky Heritage center and the tartan mills and the Edinburgh castle and waked the streets at night and got a little soaking in the rain and the winds blew all my wigs away and how could we not eat some haggus and tatties and nips. Which sounds like titties and nipples to me but I keep my mouth shut. The haggus is cows insides all made together and cooked - it actually tasted pretty good :) Of course that I was spoiling myself with Scottish Salmon, which is the best in the world and Neil had some good steaks.

All the pics are in picasa :)

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