Saturday, February 10, 2007

my husband called me this morning and told me i need to update my blog. so i am sure that the rest of the world is impatiently awaiting to hear my jewels of wisdom posted on this site as well. in my defence, since i've been folding towels and selling toilet brushes and straightening toothbrush holders for the last 3 weeks, i get home and barely have time to reply to emails, let alone post here.

my work has been going really well. after that post of desperation, 2 weeks ago, i rebelled. i went to work on monday, went downstairs to the stock room, where i nibbled around for a couple of hours and decided that enough is enough. went upstairs and found the assitant manager, because "the boss" was out for the week, and told her that i am not going down there anymore. i didn't say this with cockiness, but rather in a very humble manner and added that for the peanuts that they pay me here, i would rather work at starbucks.

i think it startled them a little but they got the point and i was trained for the "till" - funny brits, that's what they call the cash register.

and it's been great ever since.

i really enjoy working there. people come in and wonder about what bedsheets to get. i step in with my expert advice and ask them wht color carpet or walls or even lamps they have and suggest they might want to think about the color scheme in their room and pick an accent color and go from there. usually this generates a nice conversation about my accent which leads to stories about Latvia, America, British husband and Australia, and then admiration of my bravery and eventually the customer is happy, has picked the lamps or cushions or whatever they wanted to buy, which produces warm fuzzies in my tummy and makes me feel useful, brave, and most importantly - very smart.


melissa said...

good for you for sticking up for yourself and getting out of the stockroom!

rochelle said...

yay! way to 'rebel'!