Friday, March 09, 2007

i have handed in my verbal resignation. whatever that means... when i interviewed for this job, i told them from the very beginning that i will need certain days off. i didn't give them the dates (they never asked) but still, i made it very clear.

my sister is coming to visit next week and i was told that because of staff shortage they can't give me the time off. i understand their position but i also don't feel guilty. so i had a talk to the manager and said that i understand that they need someone more reliable and i can't be that person at this time, so very politely i said that i am resigning. everyone was super cool and understanding and even said that they will try to make my position so that i can come whenever i can, which would be ideal.

this was the first time in my life when i walked away from a job because i wasn't happy about something. there was a little bit of snotty triumph inside of me... after i changed the diapers because i was so scared of actually telling my boss about my decision. never ever in my life have i ever done that - i just couldn't afford doing it. this was a first.

i have really enjoyed working there. at times a little slow but all in all, it has been such a blessing to be able to get out of the house and make a little extra cash. tomorrow will be the final verdict on what my position is going to be.

now, when it is a possibility that i am actually not going back there i am a little sad. i still have complete peace about it and i know it's the right decision, so whatever happens will be good. i think i will miss mostly the people there. they are colorful and very lovable. even though we are not able to have 3 hour "meetings" at the coffee shop gallery every other afternoon, like we did it at USD, almost every day we find something to have a good laugh about. and the good thing is that for the most part days go by fast because we are doing something all the time. (even if it's standing around and laughing about each others dance moves).

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Felicia said...

Once again, I think you did the right thing by resigning (not that I want to be selfish and have you with us the whole day when we come to visit). I think they will see though how much of a loss will be to let you go completely, so they will offer you the chance to come in whenever you can. I just had this 'revelation' for you... honestly, right after we hang up earlier. Have fun with Santa!