Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I think I still remember the smell of seafood in the air that hit you as soon as you were near the DC Harbor outdoor seafood market on that sunny Sunday afternoon in June. I had flown out there and spent a wonderful, memorable weekend with Michael and Felicia. After the church we stopped by the harbor and got crabs and all kinds of other sea goodies. We drank good beer from the bottle and ate with fingers. Afterwards we watched a program that talked about the world going to an end soon because we don't take care of the planet. That's when Felicia said enough is enough, it's time to turn it because it's too depressing.

Simple moments. I love them. They are like beads that make up a beautiful life.

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Felicia said...

Oh yeah, I remember that day at the Fish Market vividly. Those guys we bought from gave us extra crabs and shrimp and asked us out that night :) They couldn't resist our accents, lol. I don't remember what documentary we watched though. Maybe the beer helped me to forget it.
Very nice 'beads' indeed we got there... Can't wait to add more in April!

kontrabanda said...

You are being humble there, Feli. Those guys had no interest in me, I believe it was you they were hitting on. And who can blame them?! That trip the Olands were a hot commodity as Michael got hit by the bar tender - do you remember? :) :) heh eheheh