Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Three Minute Spelt Bread

My mom in law is the healthiest eater I have EVER seen. They are not just vegeterians, they are also vegans, which means they don't eat milk products or eggs. I know what you are thinking - boring! But while living with them for a week when we first arrived, I realized that there is so much good and delicious you can make with just the vegetables and seeds and sprouts that it really opened my eyes to a whole new world. Whenever we go to their house for dinner, Neils first words are "Mom, did you add sausages to that???" I do have to say that at 55 she looks better then I at 28 and father in law at 67 goes to the doc less often than I do.

I am sharing one recipe she gave me to make bread in the oven. It tastes really good and it doesn't need the rising yeast. Enjoy!

500g spelt flour
10g fast-acting dried yeast
Half tspn sea salt
50g sunflower seeds
50g sesame seeds
50 linseeds (flax)
500ml warm water

Preheat oven 200C / gas mark 6.
Combine all ingredients, adding the water last. Mix well and turn the
dough into a greased 2lb loaf tin. Put straight into the oven and
bake for an hour. Remove the loaf, turn it out of the tin and then
return it to the oven without the tin for a further 5-10 minutes.


Lindsey said...

That looks like a yummy recipe.

Is Neil a vegan as well? Have they been vegans long? Vegan/vegetarian eating is far from boring if you are willing to cook. :)

kontrabanda said...

Yeah, he's a vegan who loves his rack of ribs and sausages. Just kidding, he's far from vegan :)