Saturday, April 07, 2007

Leeds Castle

Yesterday we all piled up in a car, with Neil, Kerry, Lynn and myself in the back (hello sardines!) and Brett and Dave in the front and went to the Leeds Castle.

While in the US, I have always been accepted and invited and loved by other families and enjoyed a lot of wonderful trips and family reunions but this was different because it was MY family. This time it's for stays. And now that Kerry and Brett are engaged, it was such a sense of completion and happiness. I absolutely loved the feeling and enjoyed every minute of it.

There we met up with Neil and Kerry's friends Geoff and Sui, their little son Bruce and Sui's sister Julie and brother Steven.

The castle grounds are absolutely gorgeous. Well, the summery day and all the people with their families and little kids running around and enjoying themselves added to the good mood.

The nature has come alive. There were little sheep babies and swan babies and birdies and blooms in full force all around us. Kerry and Brett's engagement added to the happiness all around.

Geoff, Kerry, Neil, Brett and I went through a maze. The boys pretended to run away from us. We didn't worry about this since the girls have superior maze finding skills and decided to go off on our own and find the exit faster than them. Of course as soon as they realized this, they came running back. Duh!

The castle grounds has a little tiny bird zoo in it. The birds were absolutely gorgeous and totally knew it because they couldn't stop showing off their pretty colors.

The castle is still functioning. The last lady passed away in 2001. They open it up for important people to have meetings and weddings. There are still 23 rooms that one can rent for an event. I doubt that mortals like us, I think it's more like royalties and very rich people.

The beginning rooms had the oldish castle(ish) feeling to them. The other wing were more of the 60s feel to them, since the lady and her daughters lived there.

On the way to the car we witnessed a hot air balloon being preped for take-off. At first two girls were holding a huge rope to hold the balloon on the ground. Afterwards they were holding the basket as the balloon started swinging right and left and we all thought it was going to tip over.

Hot Air Balloon pics

When we thought the day is over we were in for another treat. A typical single male behavior in front of a beautiful lady. Couldn't be more classic. Notice her expression in the picture.

"How are YOU doing in Peacock" (all pics)

At the end of the day we got the traditional English fish and chips (which has nothing to do with chips, it is french fries) and mashed pies and came to our house. The night was concluded by Kerry and Neil beating the rest of us in a game of Sequence. It was a perfect day.

Leeds Castle pics


Sundries Sublime said...

You always look so stunning! Darn your incessant beauty! Why can't I have a fraction of it???? :-)

kontrabanda said...

I'll take that as a compliment :) :) I have been wearing the necklase you made for me non stop. I LOVE it!!!!!! And telling everyone of you and how talanted you are :)