Friday, July 06, 2007

Sunshine in the sunshine state

The sun shines differently here. Usually, the sun I know, is bright in the morning, really hot in the afternoon and golden in the evening. Here you get the bright, crisp morning sun almost the whole day until about 4 pm when it turns golden and then the lights turn off at 5 pm. The first day we were here it was a shock to the system for me. Especially since we had just spent two weeks in Norway. There we were so far in the North that at one point we were wondering what time it is because we had been sitting there for a long time and it looked like 8-9 pm in the summer - still light. Turned out to be 1 am! It never got dark at night.

Today we walked over to one of the fantastic parks here. I have a new found love for parks. Brissies here have created some beautiful parks – sub-tropical plants and man-made waterfalls and little kid trains that adults can take if they feel kiddish and by far the coolest thing is grills that the public can use, Neil and I fully intend to buy some stuff and grill it up in the park sooner or later.


karen said...

I am going to have to stop reading your blog. I'm starting to hate you out of jealousy!

kontrabanda said...

aaaah, karen, don't hate us, come visit us instead!!!! we'll adopt a kangaroo just for you ;)