Friday, August 24, 2007

The good news

I suppose I did create a little bit of suspence with the previous post, so I will spill the beans.

A while ago I wrote about Graham and Judi, our friends here, who have been super kind to us and a sort of a mom and dad far away from home. To be honest, I don't know what these last few months would have been like if not for them. They have treated us like thier own children. Which is everything- from driving us to the place we are thinking about getting a house at once we start working, to lending us pots and pans and pillowcases. And more importantly, calls here and there asking how we are doing and if there is anything they can do for us.

The good news is that they have just accepted a position at a 4.5 star apartment hotel, where they will be general managers and they have invited us to stay at one of the studio apartments while things are in the process of getting setting up.

Neil and I have been involved in the process as well. I have designed logos and working on brochures, Neil is out with Graham and buying computers and setting up internet connections, etc. Which is great, it adds to our life here while waiting for the paperwork.

So even though we are still hanging in there and waiting around to hear anything from the government, at least we are busy and feel like we are doing something useful.

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melissa said...

Oh, that is such wonderful news! Isn't it amazing how God provides?

*Big, happy, cheesy grin just for you*