Saturday, September 01, 2007

Flying dragons

Since it’s Friday night, all four of us decided it’s time to relax and enjoy a nice meal. There is a Services Club nearby, since Judi has been wanting to check it out, we decided to walk there for a dinner.

When coming to Australia, I was prepared to see big snakes and giganticus maximus spiders and other beasts that crawl and look scary and make women scream and jump on tables. But here, all of a sudden there was loud chirping from a bird sitting in the bushes. In my naivety I was asking questions what kind of the pretty birdie it is and admiring how lovely it looks.

All of a sudden, the beast takes off and runs straight at us and waves its wings and makes some wild noises. It is very obvious that the bird has no intentions to make friends with us, so Judi had her purse on the her head, Graham was doing something that resembled a ritual dance around us and trying to shoo it away, I was screaming and hiding but don’t worry, my brave Neil was hiding behind me. I thought the bird is high from the exhaust smokes in the city or something. Surely a little bird, the size of a seagull would not be attacking humans! No, it didn’t just run at us, it was circling around, sweeping down and attacking all four of us for a good length of a block while we were sprinting forward.

Then the beast decided that taking on four people is not enough - he ran out on the street, expanded its wings and was trying to attack a car that was coming towards it.

Talk about the little man’s syndrome! Actually, at this point I was convinced that the bird must have been eating some illegal substances found under park benches. Well, ok, let’s be honest, I was running and not looking back and didn’t really have time to be thinking.

I am sure that Alfred Hitchcock got his inspiration for “Birds” from these beasts. Without kidding, it was like one of the scary scenes from the movie except this bird was on sterroids. Apparently, these “birds” are called Magpies, they get really vicious when they have babies, which is probably why it was protecting its nest and attacking us. Anyway, I don’t know what’s “pie” about the bird. It should have been called the Giganticus Dragonus or the Winged Demon.

When we got to the restaurant, I ordered a duck, pheasant, chicken, and quail. Sadly, there were no Magpies on the menu…


Felicia said...

This was such a funny story! Your writing style made it even more hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh my friend... :)

Adam said...

I am certain that Neil was covering your flank in case another, ...let me get it right, "Giganticus Dragonus or Winged Demon", was to approach from that angle. Us men are always putting ourselves in the line of fire for our women!