Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our history, year1: part tres

Part One
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We said good-bye to Lynn and Dave and took off to Norway the next day. My cousin and her husband, Neil and I and my dad drove North for 2 weeks. What a country! No matter where you look, it was like a gigantic national park with deep fjords and waterfalls and mountains like you see only in postcards.

From the place we camped at, we could see 7 waterfalls and amazing sunsets. We played so much Sequence and UNO that until now we feel like we need to give it a rest. All of us had a go at fishing and we even caught some pretty big fish. On the way back, on the ferry, Neil and dad were watching a Jackie Chan movie. Dad couldn’t understand a word in English but they both were just mesmerized by the action bits. It was great!

We only had one day in Latvia before we got back and we flew back to London. The last few days with Lynn and Dave were bitter-sweet. For some giggles Neil did this:

It was gone as quickly as it appeared but it was good laughs while it lasted.

We watched shows on Australia on TV and had dinners together, packed and weighed our suitcases and prayed really hard that the check in people at the airport won’t send back our suitcases that were a little bit over-weight.

Finally the day came and we got to the airport. It was hard to say the goodbyes but at the same time exciting, as this new adventure for Neil and I started. The 28 hour flight was an amazing miracle from God, I was really not looking forward to flying since I get bored and usually start counting minutes pretty much after the first 4 hours. We had a brand new plane and lots and lots of shows and movies to choose from. It was a very easy flight.

We got to Australia late at night and went to bed in the little place in the Valley, near China town. It has a reputation among the locals for being a bit seedy, which it is but we didn’t know before we got there. There are lots of characters and homeless people and bars and all kinds of stuff. But we never felt in danger, it was interesting and adventurous. We explored the city, found a great church, found all the cheaper places to check email and borrow DVDs for free and found coupons for eating 2 for the price of 1, etc. The Gloria Jeans coffee shop, which is Australian equivalent to Starbucks but was founded by a guy who goes to Hillsong and gives a lot of the profit to building ministries, became our “office”. We’d go and sit there for hours and check our emails and have a cup of coffee and read books. The kids working there knew us and would make us our favorites and have a chat. I think they were really puzzled as to what two people do on the computer/internet so often. I wanted to tell them that we are in the bride import business but didn’t want to confuse them. Not everyone understands my humor.

Then we met John, a South African guy who became our friend and showed us around a bit. With John we went to Sydney and drove back in his car that he bought there.

On Neil’s birthday, which happened to be on a Sunday, we met a couple, Graham and Judi. Graham and Judi became such good friends and I think it’s safe to say they took us under their wing. They are the age of our parents and one of their sons with his wife are in Scotland, so they keep saying that God gave them children while their children are away. They have showed us around and taken us to places and helped us in all kinds of ways possible.

They took a job as managers at a 7 story building, where they invited us to stay for free and we offered to help, since we can’t work and earn money. We are still waiting for our Visa process to start but in the mean time we are making the best of it and enjoying this season in our lives.

What a year! Could I have dreamed or imagined that our lives will be this exciting?! If I would have known, I would have asked him to marry me sooner and get this thing started as soon as possible! But all in God’s perfect timing.

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