Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Greetings from the future!

OK, I realize that after calling and emailing people and saying the "We are calling you from the future - 2008" about 50 times, it is not that original anymore. But I came up with it and being the secong country, after New Zealand, to celebrate the New Year, I will say it one more time! :)

We just woke up and Neil is making breakfast, while I checked times and realized that the US hasn't even arrived in the New Year yet! Neil tells me to pass on that the 2008 is looking really good and he highly recommends it to everyone. I have to agree with him. How can you disagree with me if the New Year starts with my husband cooking up a great breakfast!

Our celebrations were very low key, family oriented. It's been very dramatic weather outside because a cyclone has been coming in from the ocean and it's been raining and storming non-stop for the last week. In the morning we went to look at the ocean. I have to say that the waves were impressive, the waves were huge and raging. So we stayed in, despite an invitation from a couple we met, and played Monopoly pretty much the whole evening.

We, the Middletons, are wishing everyone a blessed 2008, filled with every good thing that comes from above!!!


rochelle said...

awww. i wish i would have read this yesterday, it would have been even more fun. It was really weird to me yesterday morning to know that you had already passed midnight. this time difference is crazy. i think i'm going to get some hot cider and write you an email.

kontrabanda said...

:) :) :)

Ciciley said...

Happy New Year!!!I hope this year brings you many blessings!