Sunday, January 13, 2008

I have started two posts and I have erased them both. I am learning that when things get uncertain around and a bit difficult, the best thing you can do is focus on the positive and good and love around you. Looking out and up instead of in and down.

These last few days, after my mom left, have been a bit sad. Today I finally got the courage to go in her room and clean it and get it ready for other guests. I wanted to keep the smell of her perfume in there for as long as possible. There were so many little things that I saw or touched or talked or thought about that reminded me of our time together. So much healing took place in our relationship during this time. It allowed me to see things from some different angles and perspectives. I think I grew up a little bit more. It was so good to have her and to love her here.

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Felicia said...

That's awesome!! I am so glad to see you and your mom had such an incredible time together. My own mom confessed to me that after I leave Romania to come back here, she doesn't clean the room for weeks... she just goes in and lays in bed and sniffs and sheds a tear... That shows deep love. You are a good daughter.