Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have to say that koalas are by far the coolest little animals and one of my favourite things that Australia has to offer.

I absolutely go mush when I see one. They are so cute and so cuddly and their little faces look so sweet that you want to take home every single one of them.

Keep in mind, I am the girl who never liked plush animals and think that chick flicks are kind of boring for the most part, so to get all warm and fuzzy in my tummy about anything is pretty unusual.

Any animal is cute when it’s little, I think koalas always look like babies so they all look cute. But at the same time, their poses, when they are chillin on some eucalyptus tree branch are always just classicly staggering and they all look totally drunk. Which is funny.

Well, I am sure that they get “Favorite animal of the year” award in my book also because none of them have attempted to bite, attack, pee on, or do any other things out of the repertoire that I have been put through with other animals. Not that I’ve tried to stick my fingers in their mouth but … The only thing they do is smell really bad but you can always stick a peg on your nose and forgive that.


Melody said...

Adorable! I've always loved Koalas, but I've also always heard they were mean.

kairike said...

Eucalyptus works like a drug, therefore the drunken and sleepy behaviour of these cuddly creatures :) But they are still the most adorable addicts in the world :)

kairike said...

You must be Latvian, even though I've had to read a lot of your blog posts to become to this conclusion as you don't reveal your name or origin :) And I'm sorry I'm leaving comments here and there but I also don't know your email. But your Latvian links are so cool, and we have Delfi in Estonia, too. So I'm sending you a lot of greetings from close to home, and hope you write back. You seem like a very nice person.