Thursday, March 20, 2008

World picture

Like I mentioned it in my previous post, one of the reasons why I like this job is that we are doing something to actually help people in the world. That makes such a huge difference for me.

Getting older has not just brought on a few laugh lines around my eyes, it has also carried a lot of thoughts about my life and what I am doing with it. I am so happy and content with everything that God has brought our way but it still leaves me wondering what is the bigger picture and how I fit in. I am saying it in a very personal way, even if it sounds a bit cliché.

In my early 20s I was discovering myself. I did everything with a lot of passion (and a beer) – from learning who I really am to finding what I like to discovering what I care about. In my late twenties I started looking around and realizing that life actually does not revolve around me (surprise!) there is a lot of other things (hm, who knew!). Now, with the big three zero approaching, I want to do something bigger than finding a good deal on some hot looking shoes.

I feel like in our western way of life, we have to put an effort into seeing what is really happening in the world. It’s easy to get home from work and not care about … 80 million people not having a proper toilet and diseases spreading and killing people because of it. Dinner seems like a more pressing issue at 7 pm. In my way of discovery of myself, I have also discovered God and deeper than that, I think I have realized that faith is not just about going to church and joining a Bible study. Faith is helping and caring and doing something about the needs all around us.

I wasn’t looking for this type of job, it found me. So I can’t even take the credit for that. I am just thankful that I can put my heart into the bigger cause and be able to do something in a very indirect way.

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Felicia said...

Wow... this is awesome, feeling such a great sense of accomplishment in this new job of yours. I guess that saying is proving to be true after all: "Good things come to those who wait".. it might not be from the Bible, but I think we can totally paraphrase it "GREAT things come to those who wait upon the Lord". YOU are such a great example!! May God continue to lead you and inspire you as you step deeper into this job. I am SO proud of you!!