Sunday, August 01, 2010

Very green thumbs

"Gardening" is my kind of hobby. Most of the time the plants grow and I take the credit for the lush, green, healthy looking leaves and blooms. Once in a while, when I feel inspired, I water or replant. This suits my non-committal personality. It gives me much pleasure. It looks good.

We have quite a large balcony. Australians are very outdoorsy, a lot of time is spent outside BBQing, hanging out and drinking summery drinks. So I have made it my mission to make out balcony cozy. I've put a lot of plants and I think it looks fabulous! It brings life and warmth to the concrete buildings around.

Yesterday I replanted most of my pot-plants because the last time I did it, apparently I bought cheap potting mix and for the last 6 months my plants have been a bit weany. So I bought fertilisers and made a royal mess on the balcony but I have doubled the amount of pot plants, now ready for our summer to grow and bring me much pleasure.

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melissa said...

You should post pictures :)