Saturday, September 11, 2010

Everything has its season

I try to be aware of living in today. It's a beautiful thing when I manage to accomplish it. It makes me appreciate all the gifts and blessings I am given. It makes me love life.

We don't have children yet and while I am in the process of getting ready for them I am appreciating the freedom. I am getting more and more excited about babies but in the mean time I am living and enjoying my life, my amazing job, my friends, my ability to spoil myself. The lack of responsibility. The sleeping in. The selfish naps. The luxuries.

One day I will write here just how much I love the soft hair brushing my cheeks and the laughter and all that comes with having babies. I look forward to it then. But now I am living in today.

I live a blessed life.


Felicia said...

Why not experience the 'soft hair brushing your cheeks' sooner?:) I love what you wrote and that's how I try to go through every season of life- fully present and aware of what it is and making the best out of it! I just wish you would join me in this new season of babies I am entering... call me selfish:)

V said...

I am right there with you Ags. I love the idea of having children and we're doing what we can to be in the best position to have one...but I am also very content with it being just my darling hubs and me and the dog. I agree - the key is to enjoy every season of life!

Sarah said...

Beautiful flowers, love the colors:) I'm all about selfish naps, hehehe:)