Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy days

There are days when I feel absolutely happy. I know that people around me can see me walking just a little bit above the ground. The last one of those days was our anniversary when my husband gave me a card, which is an accomplishment in itself as he does not believe in cards. Later on in the day he sent me an absolutely beautiful bouquet of flowers to work. I was so shocked that I had to open the card to believe that it's from him. Not that I have other admirers who would send lavish flowers to work but because he usually doesn't do this sort of thing - I love unexpected surprises!

The happy day before that was when I found out the total number of applications submitted to the program I work for - they had doubled and I took the credit (and walked around smiling all day long).

I think the next happy day will be when my dad and my sister come to visit. I miss home immensely. I hope that seeing them and spending time with them will patch up that thing that makes me miss home. I want to spoil them and love them and treat them and show them the best that's around here.

The one after that is our trip to the States. Seeing Neil's family, spending time with friends, not working, celebrating Christmas, relaxing, (shopping?!), eating great food, roadtrips, NYC, New Orleans, Atlanta, DC, cold winter weather.... I am already smiling ear to ear!!!

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Felicia said...

I love your post and I love knowing you had such a wonderful day!! The remaining of the year looks amazing for you- enjoy every moment until you come to US!! We are waiting for you here!! Happy Birthday girl!!