Sunday, December 05, 2010


Karen S pointed out in someone's comments about blogs and how much they've changed. I agree. Blogs have evolved but not necessarily for the best. They are more targeted rather than personal. People have learned to sell and make living and it's really sad to see how many great writers who I thoroughly enjoyed reading now sound commercialised. Like Dooce and Sarah Hepola and Stephanie Klein, people who I loved reading and felt some personal connection, now sound different. I understand why this is happening and I know it's evolution and it's inevitable but it makes me a bit sad. Many other great writers have closed their blogs down. Others have found their niches and are doing great things there.

I miss those personal, creative posts that don't sell, that don't do name dropping, sound important or have an agenda, the ones that just feel honest and real and inspiring and made me feel a little bit closer to the person I often times didn't know but felt like I connected to on a very human level.

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