Sunday, January 30, 2011


Now that I've learned how to publish photos bigger here, I plan to put some photos that I've taken along the way. This was taken on Christmas day during our trip to the States somewhere between Tennessee and Mississippi.

Peace and calm take over when I look at it.

I never thought I would say this but I miss winter. I miss the cold, I miss the thin layer of snow on the ground and the peace that settles with it.

Australia is beautiful and the beaches here are stunning, the sun is full of energy and colours so vivid but my Latvian roots miss the nostalgic feeling in the grey and cold that winter brings. Growing up in a climate where it is cold, wet and grey about 70% of the year (I might be exaggerating a smidge but that's what I remember) I never wanted to see rain, wind, or snow. I have said many times that I am fine with not seeing snow for the rest of my life. I even hated the Fall because it was the beginning of cold and grey.

Living in this vibrant Australian sun that is so bright in winter and summer, has made me appreciate the peaceful winter greys that have just a little bit of sadness to them. It's the change that is beautiful.

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