Sunday, February 20, 2011

Capturing moments

I love old photos. The shape of old cars, the elegance in people's appearance, the facial expressions, the haircuts, the architecture, the setting in history... I love it all! I have collected black and white postcards from a few places we've visited in the last few years and have framed them.
Photos from

Coming from Latvia, whenever I see old photos from the area (former Soviet Union) between the 1940-1960, I am usually overcome with a bit sadness. The occupation, the false soviet promises of a better life, the post-war life, the heartbreak of families being torn apart by sending people to concentration camps. In those postcards, I see all the stories I've read and movies I've seen about that time period in the 18 years that I lived in Latvia.

It still makes me wonder if people would fall again for a charismatic leader who promises a brighter future. Truth to be told, I have no doubt about it. I think it's because deep down in all of us there is always a hope that this time it will be better and different.

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