Saturday, February 05, 2011

City life

We live in one of the coolest parts of town - the West End. It's right in the bend of the Brisbane river and it's known for its artsy neighbourhood. I've heard legends of all sorts of characters living here. I really love this spot and our little apartment. I walk to work every day, there is a grocery store around the corner, I feel like I am in the heart of hustle and bustle but yet on a quiet side street. It ticks all my boxes.

With all the good one has to accept all the other things that come with living in the city.

Such as having one apartment building right across a narrow street from another. Which means that one can get entertainment at night from watching tv or from watching the neighbour cooking dinner without his shirt on. I am not talking a young muscular guy, I am talking an old saggy man. And actually 'entertainment' is not the right word for it.

Or listening to someone blaring their music. Or hearing a dinner conversation of someone having on their balcony. Or... many other things.

This, of course means that the neighbours can eves drop on our life... We do have blids that can be pulled down and there is nothing that will get through them but in the living room there is a beautiful plant that needs the blinds to be held up on so I don't touch those blinds.

I have to say that from time to time we sort of forget that the people across the street can see what is going on in our place, which is only partially covered by the outside blinds. And there are those times when it's convenient to forget that fact. For example, late at night when the last thing you want to do is looking for something appropriate to duck out in the kitchen to get a glass of water. Lucky there is a bookshelf that sort of provides a little cover...

I think there is this sort of an unwritten policy of "I won't deliberately sit on the balcony late at night and look or listen if you won't". Or maybe that's an unwritten policy just in my head.

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Sarah said...

Sometimes we hear our neighbors get in screaming fights! His girlfriend is kinda crazy!