Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cut out silhouettes

When Neil and I were in Paris last Christmas, I took him to Montmartre with a hope that there will be cut out silhouette artists. There used to be a time when the cutout silhouettes were a bit corny but now I look at them and pretend that I am a bit sophisticated.

The day was incredibly gloomy and snowy. My shoes had more melted snow in them than around them. It was cold and even the nutella crapes didn't seem to do the trick for our moods. Then a silhouette artist came out and in a very charming accent asked if we'd like ours done.

I wanted to hug him despite the front teeth missing in his mouth.

After Paris we went to Latvia and I was digging through my mom's pictures when I came across her silhouette cut out. It was done about 20 years ago on a vacation that she took. All this time it had been sitting in her drawer. Perfect! So I did what I do best. I took them both and put them in an envelope and let them sit for a year in a drawer because I didn't seem to find fitting frames.

Finally I went to a very exquisite store, called IKEA, and picked out two frames that I thought would do the job because the time had come. And I love them. They mean a lot to me and I think they look awesome!

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melissa said...

Great post! What a lovely story :)