Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lack of sugar in my life

I wish I would have marked the day I stopped eating any kind of sugar so I would know how long it's been. I suppose that based on this post, I am somewhere around 2 weeks now. I can't say that I feel drastic changes in how I feel. I do have more energy but it could be because I've been taking iron and B vitamins, so I have no idea, really.

One thing it has affected is my overall eating habits. Because I don't eat fruit, I am conscious that I need to get the fibre and vitamins through other sources. So I try to eat more vegetables. Sometimes I succeed, other times the sausage and fries just hit the spot like broccoli never will.

Another thing I have learned to love is garlic. I used to hate it as much as any vampire. Then I found a little Eastern European store that sells real Latvian bread and added butter and salt, it's been a love affair ever since. I keep it on the down-low from Neil as he is convinced that he will be able to smell and thinks that it smells gross. So far he has not said anything...

So I try to eat more green stuff and make lots of salads for lunch. I make sure that I have feta and bocaccini and all sorts of other toppings that make salads more interesting. So far it works for the most part. If I feel really hungry, I go and get a bacon and egg muffin to satisfy my cravings and taper my crabbiness. It has really made me look at my food intake from a whole new perspective. The biggest difference is that if I am still a little bit hungry after dinner, I can't fill that hole with a bar of chocolate. I've been eating Latvian bread with garlic instead of chocolate.

OK, this last sentence made me feel sorry for myself.

I won't lie to you, this last week I wanted to scrape my nails on the cement a few times. So I give in a little bit with coffee from time to time. It's my one indulgence that I allow myself a few times a week. And yesterday I felt like I really gave in - I saw fresh watermelon juice. It was a hot morning at the markets and ... I had to get it.

I also think that having all the vegetables washed and properly stored in the fridge makes a big difference. If I am lazy and leave it all in the bags and wash it as I use it, I tend to be too tired at nights and go for the easy option. But this way there are better chances for having something healthy.

We'll see how it goes. I don't have an expiry date on this. If I am completely honest with myself and consider the fact that my immune system has been suppressed since I was little, sugar won't do me any good. I think that in a few weeks I will start eating fruit. For now I just look at pretty pictures of moist-looking chocolate cakes and drool.


yellowgirl said...

Do you really have to give up FRUIT too?? In same ways I think that would make me more sad than giving up the chocolate and ice cream. I definitely think you should ease it back it. The bad sugar stuff though... I bet at some point it'll make your tummy feel icky a little just to think about eating more than one bite of it.

That said - GOOD FOR YOU!!! - did I tell you already that I keep hearing of more and more people doing this?? It's either a trend, or it's God trying to tell me something :)

studiocitro said...

I had not heard of anyone do this but then once I decided to do this, I hear of more and more people do it. That said, at work I said around a table that I heard that a can of coke suppresses immunity for half a day and everyone but two ladies laughed. I don't think this knowledge has traveled down under yet. If it's a trend, it's a great trend, I just hope it sticks. And yes, in my case I have to give up fruit too or it's not worth it because yeast feeds on sugar in the body and I need to cut its power supplies :)