Thursday, July 28, 2011

a day out of the ordinary

yesterday i woke up and stayed in bed for over an hour. i kept looking at the clock and thinking that i should get up and get ready for work. i finally dragged myself out of bed, started getting dressed and decided... to take the day off. for absolutely no reason at all. just because. why not?! so i called to work and told them that i am not coming.

it was an amazing day!

i cleaned and got the house tidy as we've been running around like chickens the last few weeks and weekends. i took two naps. i watched pointless tv. i read. i relaxed.

most importantly, i did not feel guilty even the tiniest little bit. i felt like i did exactly what i had to do.

it felt fantastic!

1 comment:

FeliOland said...

That sounds like an absolutely perfect day!! Glad you enjoyed it.