Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't listen to everything they tell you

So this thing about "pregnancy glow" - I don't know who came up with it but they must have been high.

When my doc asked how I am doing, I told him that the bite-my-husbands-head-off hormone has definitely been released in the last week. He said that a woman's hormone levels increase 100% during pregnancy. I made sure I informed N of this fact. He said that he figured that much out himself...

I will tell you what. Brown spots on my face. Including one smack on the middle of my nose (which should have been distributed between two people, I just got "lucky" with an extra large one - why couldn't I get that little bit of extra in my ... let's say bresteses?!)

Dry skin. Tired pretty much 90% of the day. And my belly doesn't grow like I thought it would - evenly every week. It just pops out and then sits there for a while until the next growth spurt. Right now I am in the the spurt where it's not clear I am pregnant, just look like I love my doughnuts.

So I don't know what "glow" these people talk about. The only glow I get is when I get under covers before a nap or at night (by 'night' I mean like 8 pm...)

All the grizzling aside, one the most amazing things I have ever experienced is little kicks from the inside. This week I am sure it's not just gas. They are definitely little kicks. Whenever I feel one (it's not very often) I think about the tiny size of the little leg or arm that has just tapped me from the inside and I am amazed that I have this incredible gift of having a little baby growing INSIDE of me. From all the places where babies could have come from (early on I was told that storks bring them to mommy and daddy, this theory was replaced by babies growing in cabbages later on - how does that make sense??!!) God gave us, girls, the amazing gift of carrying these little tiny beings inside of us for 9 months.

That, to me, is worth every stretch mark, gagging and toilet hugging episode, patch of brown spots and dry skin.


FeliOland said...

Hahaha, I came to the same conclusion: there is no glow going on... How exciting that you are feeling flutters already, isn't that amazing?:))

Sarah said...

I am sure you look like you are glowing, despite all of this:) Hang in there mamma!