Sunday, July 17, 2011

New York City

I love New York. I always have and I have absolutely no idea how to put in words why I love it so much.

The closest I can come is to say that I love how vast, rich in character yet personable it feels.

It's not the glitzy parts that tend to be the touristy parts that captivate me. It's the little places that are discoverable along the way.

This has nothing to do with Sex and the City, I loved it way before the show made it even more popular. I loved it from the first time I went there when I was living in Central Jersey to the last time, when we spent unforgettable time with precious friends there.

I accept that part of my love for New York is the fact that I've never had to live there and face the daily, annoying things that come with living in any place permanently. I've only been there to enjoy time off, to indulge in soaking up its character - people, architecture, quirkiness, cultures, accents, coziness, food.

The size of a city does not mean a thing, it's the people who live there who make the city. I've been in huge cities that are blander than chewing on paper. It's not the case with New York. In New York you find something to relate to, something to appreciate and love, you make discoveries, you admire, you hate, you wish, you just want to stay one day longer.

I miss it.

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