Sunday, November 06, 2011


I've ALWAYS had an idea/memory box or a pin board, even when I was a little girl. Unfortunately, because I have moved from place to place so many times in my life, I have left them behind (or scanned them in some cases). Mostly I use it top keep good design ideas. Sometimes personal things that have been given/sent to me. Sometimes things that just make me dream. So when I heard of Pinterest, it was clear that it was developed with me in mind.

 Ever since I started, I can't stop.

I miss creativity around me. The general busyiness and tiredness in life seems to suck out the time for creativity. Once in a while, when I see something really clever and good that's been created, it sparks this need in me to do something creative.

So here's to creativity and a journey of individuality together! Come and find me there. 

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