Thursday, December 22, 2011

What is the state after complete happiness?

I have always wondered what the love that parents feel for their children is like.  Now that I've been a mommy for ten days, I've realised that it is so much bigger and so much deeper than there are words to express. It is so tender and gentle, forgiving and patient. It fills you and it makes you feel complete.

My friends with children tell me that time goes by so fast. I realise it and drink in every minute I have with my little boy. I am enjoying every little thing that he does and I am already wanting another baby. My only regret is that I have waited this long to have children.

Here is a little song that is so sweet and so touching for all moms with little boys! My dear friend Ilze sent it to us - thank you!

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yellowgirl said...

wow. GREAT song.