Monday, January 09, 2012

Happy birthday little boy!

Today my little boy turns 1 month! Every mom I know tells me that things get easier around about 6 weeks. I have so much expectation of this that in my mind once I wake up on the morning of the sixth week, the magic switch will be turned and my life will become much easier - just like that.


Feeding my little boy has been such a struggle that I feel like in a lot of ways it has robbed me of enjoying him. Worry replaced the enjoyment that I thought I would be basking in during these first weeks. Instead, every feed time I tense up and worry about how he will attach and how I will be able to feed him without getting him too upset. And this little boy feeds 8-10 times a day... I think it has affected everything in our little lives.

Here are the favourite things about my little boy:

  • The way he stretches when he wakes up
  • The way he purses his lips and intently watches the world with wide eyes when he's fully content with life
  • His toothless smiling while dreaming
  • The way he smells and the softness of his skin
  • The little feet, toes, hands, ears, belly
  • He puts his little hands with plump fingers on his cheeks when he's feeding and feeling happy
  • The relaxed and content body language when we bathe him - complete bliss! 

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